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About  DCJ Group

Established in 1961, the DCJ Group is a systems-oriented group, with over  three decades of expertise in developing sealing systems for white goods and automobiles. The DCJ Group is a conglomerate comprising of leading companies: Ajay Industrial Polymers Private Limited , Ajay Poly Pvt. Ltd. and Encraft India Private Limited.

The Group has engineered and introduced a number of PVC products in India, is reputed for its strong work ethic based on a pioneering spirit and the fundamentals of innovations, perfection, precision, and trustworthy engineering specially suited to Indian conditions

With a total work force of approx. 2500 employees including over 100 engineers, the Group has a strong team that helps it deliver on its focus in quality for service. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, the Group also has 27. manufacturing facilities and operates multiple single and twin screw extruders and injection molding machines from 25 Tons to 2500 Tons capacity, processing various kinds of plastics. In keeping with its belief in top-notch quality, all plants are ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Today the DCJ Group boasts of being the largest manufacturer and exporter of PVC extruded Profiles for white good industries  in the world. It is the largest manufacturer and supplier of Extruded Refrigeration Sealing Systems , UPVC door and window systems and largest supplier of Drip Irrigation Systems  in India ..

The company is constantly innovating and devises new solutions based on the needs of customers.