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Drip Accesseries


Drip ‘n’ Drip brand valves to be used in the drip irrigation system is mainly made up from poly propylene having a ball type checking. It is mainly available in each sizes vise 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm.

Features of the Drip ‘n’ Dripbrand P.P. Ball Valve:


It is made up from the 100% pure poly propylene.


  • It is very easy to open and easy to close.
  • No effect of climatic parameters on the valve.
  • No difficulties found even after remaining unused for a longer period.
  • No rust formation in inner part of the valve and outer parts of the valve.
  • Taflon ring is used to prevent the water leakage at the joint for the long lastic effect and long life.
  • Resistant to chemical, gases etc.,
  • It is very easy to detach from the line, because of the flange type with thread type joints. So it save the very very laborious process while disconnecting or reconnecting the system

Poly Fittings:

All the poly fittings which are used in different types of drip irrigation system are produced under Drip ‘n’ Drip  poly fittings generally covers the following

Rubber Gromet

It is generally used as anti-leak element which prevent the leakage of water and available in two sizes vise 12mm., 16mm.


It is generally use to connect the submain line and lateral.


It is used to joint the two end of lateral and available in two sizes vise 12mm., 16mm.

End Cap

It is used to close the lateral at the end of lateral to prevent the water flow form run-off. It is also available in two size vise 12mm., 16mm.

Lateral Cock

It is used as a valve for the particular lateral line which allow the water to pass through it or not. It is available in two size vise 12mm., 16mm.

All the Drip ‘n’ Drip brand poly fittings are designed in such a way that prevent the leakage of the water at any joint for the maximum efficiency of drip irrigation system